It seems like just yesterday that it was cold and rainy and perhaps even snowing. Today it is H-O-T. I've got the girls for a few days and what a joy they are, they keep me young and happy. A blessing to be sure.

It's been a while since I've posted. Yes, still here, still breathing and on most days still smiling.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm off to go watch the "Lovely Bones" with the girls. They are all excited to watch drama. Earlier we were watching the first few episodes of "Dark Shadows" The entire series is available to watch instantly on Netflix. We chose to watch the revived edition. But "Dark Shadows" has always been a favorite. So spooky and scary and well danger, danger, danger lurks around every corner.

: )


Hey Michelle. I tried to leave a post and it disappeared. Anyway, I loved Dark Shadows. It is the only soap I have ever watched. Hope you are having a good summer!
My son and his wife are expecting twins this month!

Twins? Really? How AMAZING!!!! That is awsome. I'm so happy for you. I am having a good summer, it is going by to fast for me. Before I know it--it will be Christmas time. Congratulations, Grandma

oh.. summer... :)