Buwhahahaha...gotcha with the Mississippi Mud rebellion didn't I? Well, honestly that popped into my head earlier tonight--I have no idea why- and it has stayed, unwanted, for the duration. Sounds like a title to some kind of twisted Mark Twain story doesn't it?

Tonight, I was thinking, I know, huge shocker there and realized I haven't posted on my blog since June. I'm over due. First I was thinking tonight of things I love. Here is a list. I love lists. They make me happy.

Things I love...
The sound of my daughter's laughter

The smell of sweaty horses (this one is all mine--not everyone will agree)

COLD IBC Rootbeer in a bottle. The kind you need a bottle opener for

A good book. I mean a really good book, one that I can't put down and stay up all night and lose precious hours of sleep to finish.

The smile of a good friend, a secret smirk, where you don't have to say a word but they know exactly what you're thinking.

Malibu Cocconut Rum

Woodchuck Apple Cider

Good Music (all genres)

A name brand piece of clothing at a Goodwill price. (doesn't happen often)

My husband's hands.

My mother's sense of humor and her ability to cut right to the chase.

Sitting on the back deck when the temperature outside is 100% perfect. Not too cold and not too hot.

A hot cup of coffee brewed for me before my eyes are open.


Waking up on my own, feeling rested, without the aid of an alarm clock, wrapped in blankets and again not too cold and not too hot.

When hot "flashes" disappear for a while.

A good movie.

Long deep conversations with people I don't really know.

Sunday night dinners with friends and then winning at poker.

Maybe I got a little carried away. :)