Okay...here is what I'm watching :)

Mondays 9:30 Big Bang Theory.
I'm half in love with Sheldon. Truly. He cracks me up and makes me realize that I'm not nearly as neurotic as I think I am. What a relief to finally realize.

Its MTV Land
My Life as Liz 10:30
The Buried Life after Liz

I'm truly addicted to both of these shows. My Life as Liz I think is a half scripted half real maybe show? But I love it. I love Liz. She cracks me up. I love the way she pauses when she speaks and I love her red hair. I would dye my hair red if I thought I could get away with it and the child can sing so yeah...I'll be watching until she moves on to bigger and better things plus it's about high school. Love it.

The Buried Life:
This is another REAL fav. Four young men who have decided to make a list of things they want to do before they die. (Their own bucket list) and for every thing they cross off their list they help someone else do something they want to do before they die. This week they watched and could you call it participating in a child birth? I thought one of the guys was going to lose it. He was so afraid that it would ruin his sex life forever. I loved that episode and then they helped a young woman go to Denver to find out where her mother was buried. Her family was one of the victims of Katrina and the daughter got seperated from the mother and then the mother passed away. How simply AWFUL. But they helped her and she finally got some closure. It baffles me how we in this country can do these things. And we think we are so much better than others. We're not.

So that is my life for now.

Oh and well on Wednesday nights on Discovery there is always TAPS. The Paranormal investigator guys. I like to watch them too!!!