Well, I suppose that because in my rather normal hum drum life as a pricing coordinator, my work life revolves around spreadsheets. It's a natural progression to use Excel for my book template. Need another page? Voila, insert sheet. I actually have around twenty sheets now of plotting notes (I know *gasp*) I'm plotting. I find it necessary these days as my writing time is scarce these days. I can grab an hour here, an hour there and the plotting makes it easier. Extensive notes are even better. This seems to be working for me. I have divided up my story into thirds. (Beginning, middle, and end of course). All my little cheat sheets are there in one great big file. Oh happy me. I've found more music. I am addicted to Pandora. I stream it from my phone all day at work and keep an extra legal pad near by for little notes and songs that I like. Songs that spark an idea or fit well into a scene. I probably couldn't work without music or write for that matter. The important part is I'm working. Writing. Loving it.

I've been writing tonight, and listening to music. Who else watched The Secret Circle tonight? I'm so addicted to that show. I love Cassie and Jake and well if you've read the books you know who she ends up with but who knew that Adam's father could be such a well you will just have to watch the show as I am not one to give away spoilers in this day of DVR'ING. LOL

Anyway, back to writing. I've updated my writing soundtrack. Loving it! Really loving it and loving the writing : )

I am in love with this man's voice.

I just love it. It has all that I was looking for in a new template. Great color scheme and the ability to add pages! Woot! What a happy girl small things make me. Stand by for more changes to come soon.

Also if you look over to the right you will see my writing soundtrack. I will keep updating it as we go along.

Happy Friday Eve everyone!

Meghan, my daughter, and I love Pinterest. It is a virtual bulletin board that allows you to create boards from the things you like on the intenet. Such as recipes, hairstyles, clothes, books, movies etc. So much fun.

So we are going to a shower tomorrow and Megs wanted to make something quite special and she ran across this receipe for Blue Velvet cupcakes. (A version of red velvet but blue! We thought how could this be bad? Right?

Well--they are insanely good. I am going to go find the website that we received the recipe from and re-post here!

What a great Saturday. One spent in the kitchen with my very talented daughter. : )

Recipe received from Sprinkle Bakes.com love her blog

Okay, who is with me on this? So far here is the line up!

Thursdays are my favorite of course with...

The Vampire Diaries:
I mean really, there are so many cool little sub plots going on that it always keeps me on pins and needles. (psssst...and yeah my favorite is Damon. Sorry all but tis true)

The Secret Circle:
I LOVE that scary theme music. It's so cool and dark and well were are into our second week aren't we and yes I must admit I am already hooked. :)

Premiers this FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sam and Dean forever!

The Big Bang Theory
I DVR'D this because there are just too many good new shows to watch. Wonder if that messes up the Neilson ratings? Just a random thought there.

What are everyone elses new or old tried and true favorites?

Anyone going to watch the new Charlie's Angels?