Wow. It's really here. I'm excited to have my first tomato plants that have survived me. Amazing really, but I think that it is my hubbys doing and not so much mine. Our days have been filled with lots to do. Filling out unemployment paperwork, and realizing that even though both hubby and I are unemployed that we still make too much for food stamps. Laughing. Isn't that always the way? Still haven't been able to get a copy of my non-compete from 'that' company and really does that mean that it doesn't exist? I'd really like to know as some companies that I'm interviewing with want a copy of it before they'll hire me.

But the fun things are wonderful. My good friends and M's best friend boarded a plane for Paris on Thursday. They'll be gone for three weeks. I'd love to go to Paris. Doesn't it just sound wonderful? Excuse, I won't be here because I'll be in Paris, even if it only in my mind.

We've been busy with the plants. I have cilantro, basil, parsley, tomatoes of course, oh and with some sweet pepers. I'll have to take some pictures and post them.

The DD is teaching Vacation Bible School and she has a boyfriend. How did that happen? They are too funny. They won't talk on the phone but will only text each other. I wonder what they say to each other in person and wonder if they can have a conversation at all?

Anyway hope everyone had a good weekend! I'll be trying to blog more often now that I have some time on my hands.


Sounds like you are upbeat and happy despite the circumstances. I only got to be laid off one time in my life and that was the best time ever for me. I've got my fingers crossed a great job will come along for you and until then, write and tend your plants when you can.

Well, there's not much I can really do about it but try to find another job and not listen to the news. LOL. If I did that I'd probably be insane. Writing again but it's slow this time around. My writing muscles need some WD40...LOL