Well, it's been a long time since I've posted. A very long time. I think I'm going to change the colors of my blog. I'm really kind of tired of the purple. A lot has been happening in the last few months. I finally joined the ranks of millions of other Americans and got laid off from my job and have gone through the red tape of filing for unemployment. Yee haaa. (note the sarcasm here).

Have spent some time filling out applications and job searching and then I have another endeavor that has been keeping me busy and will hopefully get me out of the muck.

For so many months I thought I might have lost my touch. That I wasn't really as good as I thought I was and that the client base that has taken years to build up had failed me.

But that wasn't really true. It was not I who failed but the company that I worked for. The inability to get good competitive pricing combined with the ever shrinking companies that needed our services and let's face it the economy was to blame.

However, I've been busy with other things the last few weeks while fighting with my computer (it's crashed twice now) First time the graphics card and the second the fan but it seems to be up and running now.

So, hopefully will have a bit more time to blog about all sorts of things.

I want to get rid of a bunch of stuff first. I'm packing up a bunch of paperbacks and sending them to the second hand book store. I need the room in my office, which is truly an office again and then I'm getting rid of all this clutter in my house.

I swear I have more clothes than anyone should have. I have made a vow that if I haven't worn it in a year? It's gone. GONE! No more holding on to things in the event I might lose a few pounds. It's gone. I no longer want to be owned by my "stuff"

Will keep you all updated on how it goes.


Glad to hear from you, gal!! I've gotten rid of tons of clutter, too. Finally done with the house for now. I've got my fingers crossed that you'll find a good job. Until then, write

It IS good to hear from you. I don't know why getting rid of clutter is such a great stress reliever... but it always helps! The economy is certainly taking a toll on everyone. I pray that it won't last long and that everything falls in place for you. And writing... Trish is right. Writing can be extremely therapeutic. Nothing like getting lost is your own world ;)

OMG! Save me some books! Good to see you online. I got a new blog and a new focus.