I watched this movie tonight and thought that the English sub titles might distract me from the film but it didn't. What a great film. There were several things that really spoke to me of the artistry of this film. One thing that Janie and I always talk about for characters are static traits. In this film Matilde has a fantastic static trait.

She plays this game with herself about whether her fiance is still alive by saying and doing certain things. For example, she's peeling an apple and tells her self if she finishes peeling the apple without breaking the skin, Mannech is still alive. While on a train she says if we reach the tunnel before the inspector asks to see my ticket Mannech is still alive. It really brought the character to life for me and it was something I recognized. That simple act created a wealth of empathy for the character from me.

I cannot say enough about this film. It is mystery, and love story, and war all rolled into one. If you have the opportunity to see it. (I watched it online on Netflick) DO IT!!!!

It made me want to write and that's something that hasn't happened to me in months.


OH, I want to see this. Makes me want to write, too. And I AM! YA!

It's a wonderful film. Really. I wasn't sure how much I would like it, but I didn't just like it. I LOVED it.