First of all let me say that it is colder than a witch's you know what here. We never got above 27'F today. Making sales calls was brutal.

Secondly, let me say that I will be writing my tail off this weekend to make up for the last couple of days of freezing my tail off while working like a mad woman trying to find freight. Yowza! Had a meeting today with a poor woman who was a single mother and she'd just found that she'd be laid off the end of the month. That's brutal. Let me tell you.

I really didn't do as bad as all that really other than Tuesday night, where I didn't write at all.

Tuesday-Zilch in the old word meter
Wednesday- 782 words in the word meter-who knows whether they will stay or not.
Thursday- 981 and I just couldn't push past the mark to hit 1,000k.

However, I did write or at least read over the short story. If I can stay on track this weekend (meaning write my butt off) then I'll still make my Jan end of the month goal and then I'll start revising. Right now I'm just trying to get this puppy on paper.

I'll post again later tonight with my words count. Sorry girls, that I wasn't the cheerleader that I have been but its been a brutal work week. Dang day jobs.

So...if you hear little from me this weekend you'll know why. Shhh...she's writing, lord help don't lets disturb her or she's gonna start screaming!


Typing softly so not to disturb...wishig you good and quick writing for the whole weekend.

Good luck. U an stuck taking the same wrong turn over and over....


What U talkin' bout, J? U an stuck either. Just sit down and write, you hear me? Don' make me come over thar to Mississippi and get chu gurl!

Thanks, Carla! It's soooooooo cold!!!!! Mine fingers are fat tonight. LOL

'Tis extemely cold here. Good luck with the writing. Snuggle and kept warm while you do.

I'm trying, Bonita. Truly I am. The older I get the more I realize that I truly dislike the cold. If it's gonna be this cold it should be snowing dagummit.

Hope you are safe and warm.