This is an old post from a previous blog that I found. I posted it on August 7th, of 2004 for a dear dear friend. It is a poem about two lovers. A story, as yet unwritten. This is a plea from one friend to another for her to finish it.

For Janie...From Caroline to Aeschere...Lead me Astray

Lead me down the path
Where the blue crocus grows
Great secrets here are hidden
Among the dark and cold

The castle now has crumbled
Stone has turned to dust
The forest has grown stronger
But whom can you trust

This place where you hide
This place where death doth play
I see your face among them
The decrepit and depraved
How long shall you linger
In this secret hell
How long shall I wait
For you to break her evil spell

Your castle walls have crumbled
Your love has turned to dust
The forest is no longer
Whom can you trust

Leave that death behind you
Come walk within the light
I long to have you near me
Every day and every night

The moon is cast in shadow
Twilight turns to Dusk
Must you linger long dear
Oh whom can I trust

Come to me tonight love
Visit in my dreams
For if I shall not see you
My silent voice shall scream
This empty world may shatter
My heart will surely break
For what good is living
Empty and afraid

Come build a castle strong with me
Against the cold cold wind
Death shall go her own way
Far away from mice and men

I know my love could save you
From this cursed hell
If only I could reach you
And pull you free as well

Your haven is at stake love
The time is growing short
Shall the strong stand beside you?
Shall the weak fall beneath you?

Lead me Astray, love
Among the forest walk
Lead me
Love me
Save me
Or death shall have us all.

copyright 2004, all rights reserved, by Michelle Bailey


Thanks so much....

I remember this. It's touching to know that someone cared about the story, even not written.