For real right? OMG! I about froze to death today. We had to go buy a new dryer. Anyone need one that will dry clothes fine as long as you dry them for three cycles? LOL.

Anyway, we're gonna hook it all up after church tomorrow if we don't have snow. I'm gonna have to get up early to see if we're gonna be blessed with the white stuff. We don't often get snow here in the piedmont of the state so we take what we can get.

(You all would laugh) I'm sitting here in my office wrapped in blankets because we are trying to be frugal and keep the heat on 68'. Argh. Spring anyone? Saw my brother and sister-in-law today. It was good to see them. It's been quite a long time.

On the writing front I think I've actually done pretty good. My wip is now at 10,192 words but needs a good bit of tightening up. Getting rid of redundancies which seem to be my speciality. Once that's all done I should be able to have a nice little scene to wrap all the loose ends up. Well, some of them. Some of them will you wondering but isn't that what you love about short stories?

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day!
Michelle is going to go snuggle with her hubby for a bit!


You're over 10,000 words!!! That's the official minimum work count... so your in the safe zone!!! Unless you are like me and wondering if you can fit it in 15,000 words LOL! I am going to have to do some serious cutting. I can't helpmyself when I write. I just write whatever pops up in my head. Some is important... some is just fluff that sounded interesting at the time ;)

I know what you mean about heating bills... if my memory serves me right... my gas bill neared $300 last month. And I even set my gadges at 69 when the kids are not around. I point a little floor heater in my direction at my desk to stay cozy.