Oh, my achin' BUTT! This week has been crazy. I can't decide if I'm making it crazy? If the world is making it crazy? Or if it's a combination of both. Work is insane. Everybody is scrambling for the little bit of business that is out there which means that we're all spinning around in circles, quoting rates and not only trying to hang on to the itsy teeny weeny bit of business that we have but still trying to go out there and find other business.

I've spent the majority of my day staring at rates, looking at trade routes, and evaluating foreign currencies until I think my eyes are going to roll back in my head.

Way more than I can get done in a two weeks, much less one day.

But at least I have a job.

For the moment.

I wanted to try and work on the story tonight but I just don't have the energy. I'm thinking about going and hitting the hay and calling it a night.

Sorry I haven't been by to say hello to everyone, but I hope you'll understand. I'm ready for the world to quit spinning out of control and straighten out on its axis.

Hugs to you all.

I do believe the Hobgoblins have won the round. I'll be back after a good nights sleep ready to tackle it all again.


Good luck, Michelle. I hope things level out with work and family. I am trying to find a job now, also. I have applied at the local library (since that was where I had been working in La)in Onslow County, so have my fingers crossed that they need someone soon and that my resume appeals. If not, I amm off to local bookstores, etc, to hunt for a postion.

Michelle, a good night's sleep will energize you for writing tomorrow. I've been fortunate too to still have a job. But the sloooow business is scary.

Good luck, Bonita, in your job hunting.

Will call you this weekend. Long day here. I took a nap from 6-9, ate a sandwich and am now just looking at Internet. I think I am going back to bed. It's a little after 11pm here.

A good night's rest does wonders!!! I allowed myself to slow down yesterday (saturday) but today I will type in my handwritten work today.