Wow. I'm almost done. It's pretty wild that I'm actually doing it after so long. I haven't been very good on my nightly check ins but I promise to be better.

I ended up adding roughly 2000 words to the story this week which is not bad since I've been tweaking a lot and fixing things. It's still not ready by a long stretch for submission but I know that I will definately have it done by the end of January. First daft.

I can't tell you how long it's been since I wrote 15,000 words. I probably wrote more than that this month so far but I always get carried away when the story is hot and end up cutting because I have a bad habit of being redundant.

Looks like everyone else had a good week writing as well. Yeah us!

A couple of new artists I've found that I like, Plumb & Barlowe Girls which you see reflected in the You Tube posts I've done this week. I found them through Pandora. Love that website.

Will be writing more tomorrow.

Oh, and guess what I got this week? Books!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful books. I'll be sharing about those as well! Thank you, J!


I was thinking about you!!!! Awesome work!!! I'm about 1/2 through my first draft... I'm going to focus (BIAW type focus) to finish it for the end of the month. I'm so very excited!!! I can already taste the sense of accomplishment!!

Yeah! Michelle! You go, girl! I tell you setting a goal makes all the difference in the world. As you know, set small goals to achieve the big ones.