Because Christmas is coming whether we are ready or not. I'm so on the latter part this year. I think part of the problem is the fact that Thanksgiving came so late this year.

Well, and everything else as well.

We had a minor emergency on Friday. Midnight, our beloved kitty, got sick. Real sick. Which constituted an emergency trip to the vet where she had to have surgery. She's all better now but it was a touch and go thing there for a bit. We're so glad she's recuperating. How could we have had Christmas without her?

Have been busy watching Roswell. I can blame Janie for that. Teasing me about Liz and Max the way she did on her blog, but well, I always hate to admit when she's right, but what a great series. Sorry it didn't go for longer.

Will be finishing up shopping here in the next few days and then time to partaaaaay! Woot! And will be waiting for the Jolly guy dressed in red.

Merry Christmas everybody!


A very merry Christmas to you and yours. A hope you have a fantastic new year, also.

Thanks, Bonita. I hope that you and yours have a lovely, safe, and wondrous holiday season.

Take care and I miss you.