I happened to be in Target tonight. Stopping in to pick up some necessities and while there I stopped by to check out the new releases. This is what I found.

What unusual packaging. It's very unique. And riddles? I love riddles. This book is definitely on my wish list for 2009. When you open up the box to the left are pages of riddles, the book. Who could resist such a title? Certainly not me. Plus she has moths.

I'm very curious about this book. Is it on any one else's list?


Miss you, chick. Merry Christmas!

OMG!!!! Merry Christmas Lynn!
Hugs, hugs and more hugs!
Miss you bunches, too!

Will try to call one day this week if you guys are home!

Happy Holidays to you and your family! I wish you the best New Year ever. Hugs.

Thank you so much, Bonita. You too!