Wow. I can hardly believe it. Since Friday I have had this little niggling spark in my brain on how to begin TWAB in a new and better way. It makes more sense. I still think that my two characters are being drawn together perhaps a little too easily but there are reasons for it. Using Tam's pain is basically brilliant. It's a character flaw. A big one. It's very telling. He's not comfortable in his own skin and well, who wouldn't want to be around someone who made them feel miraculously better? It's a much more subtle way to begin. He comes across as so normal in this first scene and almost tragic-which of course he is. He's not had a good life.

So I sat down tonight and sketched out the scene and then I sat down and opened a new file. I've got about twenty-three hundred really good words. Oh, they'll have to be polished up and enhanced as I write a very sparse first draft but the action is there. The motivation and it sets the scene for his character. We know there is something wrong with him, we just don't know what it is. He doesn't know either so it's not really a secret from the reader which always worries me.

Anyway. A great night of writing and I'm calling it quits. I don't want to over stretch it and my left hand feels like it might have a spasm. LOL.

I love nights like this.

A spill of words. A very appropriate name for this post.

P.S. If I could be close to the guys that started Pandora I would kiss them. I created a radio station with artists like Secondhand Serenade, Dashboard confessional, Boys like Girls, Silverstine, Anberlin, A Change of Pace...Yeppers I'd give those boys a big smackeroo right on the lips. Talk about creating a great playlist. I really really do love Pandora. It's a writers dream!


Update the blog! Laughing. I like spill of words, too. Miss you. I wrote you an email.

Got it. Am in the process of updating the blog now. I wrote you back.

Miss you!