Happy New Year everyone! 2009 has got to better than 2008. We've been facing and still face a lot of financial hardships. I only hope and pray that thing will turn around this year for us.

However, I have made goals this year. I have spent a lot of time worrying and that doesn't really help anything does it? Nope. Not to mention I've put something that is very dear to me on the back burner due to stress. This year I have put some goals on paper that I'm going to accomplish.

Finish Last Kiss-A short story that I am targeting for the Harlequin ebook line Silhouette Nocturne Bites. Target 15,000 words. The trick to this one will be getting this story cut down to the bone.

Remember Me-Another short story targeted to the Harlequin Historical Undone line. Target 15,000 words again which should be fairly workable.

May 1st- Finish first draft of TWAB. I have been tweaking the plot and working hit or miss with this thing. I'm going to just put the internal editor away and just write the damn thing. Good, bad or indifferent. That's what first drafts are for anyway.

I hope everyone has a great 2009!


Great Goals!!! I really like the idea of writing short stories right now.