Today was full of it. Lots of it. Buckets full. We've had our fair share here lately it seems. Of course, as usual, I was out driving in it. Two hundred miles in fact. A lot for one day. I'm aggravated because I've lost the sign in for my music player on my blog and I've a mind to write tonight. On what? Hmmm...therein lies the question. Scary enough, I've actually written every day for five days. That may be a record since April. It seems I can't help myself.

I tried to quit.

Writing that is. Didn't stick. I don't why it would've worked now when it never has before. I've tried quitting before, like other bad habits I've kicked to the curb, this one has this strange way of hitting me where it hurts. That would be robbing me of sleep. One minute there you are laying(or would that be lying? Someone can tell me as I'm too damn tired to give tense much thought at the moment) in the bed, dreaming of Gerard Butler and then WHAMO!

Story Fragment!

Worse? It's this same old story that keeps whapping me upside the back of my head. I'm beginning to think it wants my attention. So dutifully, I grab pen and paper or crayon, or pencil, whatever may be handy and jot the notes down.

And jot, and scribble, and draw funny pictures in the margins. (Actually, drawing funny pictures really means that I draw obscene gestures to myself, which is kinda fun and scares me all at the same time.)

It's a sickness, yeah?

Laughing. We'll see where it takes me.

Hope everyone is doing fine. We're scraping by like the rest of the world. Barely. I do believe I've eaten enough peanut butter to last a lifetime. In fact, I don't think I ate this much peanut butter when I was a child.

Ciao for now!
Stay dry and safe...



Just dropping in to say hi. Glad to see you are writing.

Hey, Janie. Hope you're doing well.

Nice to see that you are still with us, writing or not. I hope that all your family is well.