It is one of my favorite dishes. I didn't do much this weekend but vegitate and think. I plied my mind with wonderful cinematic visions, of which I'll tell you more about in a couple of paragraphs if you decide to read further. You see, Chicken Marsala is one of my favorites and I'm happy to say I believe I've mastered it. Tenderizing the chicken, browning it after a quick bath of spice induced flour. I do believe I've mastered my chicken marsala receipe. I love the flavor of Marsala wine steeped with delicate mushrooms and roasted garlic. Mmmmmm. It makes me hungry again just thinking about it. This meal made me think about taste.

Then later, I was reading over some old work. Good work. Work about taste, the sweet and the sour. Words that I wrote several years ago and found myself hardly believing that I wrote them. Those words seemed so foreign to me.

Words about chocolate, rich and creamy, simply melting in your mouth. Words about two people, who loved chocolate in a world where simple pleasures were not taken for granted but languished over as pleasure was found far less often and for that certainly much more treasured.

The work was good. So good that I was pulled into the story. What a great story it is, and what amazing characters. Dresses of scarlet, and not simply the color. Such rich words. A word to my friend Janie, don't disgard that story. It is fresh and unique and you should write it. If you don't I might be tempted to give it a go, and perhaps convince you to join me in the endeavor.

Hopefully, one day in the future, I'll write that well again. I'm hoping. My brain is a-flutter with activity. I haven't written a thing in three years, and well there is reason for that. However, in my time away from the written word, my brain has still been working I've realized. Silently, biding it's time. I've taken to carrying around a small notebook again in my purse as the ideas hit me at the oddest moments.
Truly. My little notebook is full and I have progressed to a larger notebook.

Now on to the movies.

Let's see Saturday I watched "Red Riding Hood", "The Tourist" with Johnny Depp which I thought might have moved a little slow but got really good at the end, and "The Adjustment Bureau" which my husband had little patience for but that I enjoyed. I have also recently seen "I am Four" which I loved along with "Beastly." I really loved my Saturday of not doing one thing. Not one thing. I felt extravagant and lazy.

What did everyone else do this weekend? Have you seen the movies above? If so, I welcome your opinions.