Well. While I'm outlining and working on my big project thought I might post some of the books I've read for 2010 so far.

The Morganville Vampire Series by Rachel Caine:
The Glass House
The Dead Girls Dance
Midnight Alley
Feast of Fools

**I love these books. Found them via a teen recommendation on my librarys website*** Teens do know what they love. I like these because the vampires are exactly that--not exactly loving creatures but something to be fearful of but even some of the humans in this series are extremely dangerous. But they are full of knock'em sock'em drama.

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (I know everyone loved this book but after the Moranville vampire series I found that this book moved very slow for me.)

The Hollow by Jessica Verday

The Vampire Academy Novels by Richelle Mead (I love ALL of these books as well. Rose is a kick butt take names later kind of gal.) Can't wait for Spirit Bound to come out in May.

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith (Read in December of 2009) but thought I might go ahead and include them. My daughter loved this series. Eh...me they were okay but I liked the Vampire Academy better.

Fallen by Lauren Kate Liked this one as well. It was good. Fallen Angels and the fight between good and evil? Never a bad thing. I liked it.

Give Up the Ghost by Megan Crewe I liked this one as well. It was different which was nice. And not everything was coming up roses either.

***Edited to add***
Beating Heart by A.M. Jenkins
I loved her use of Point of View in this novel. It is a ghost story. Very unusual. I don't want to give it away but I liked the ghosty parts best. Really loved them. I hope Janie will read this book and give me her opinion on this one. I'd love to discuss it with you Janie.

So to say the least I'm using the snot out of my library card. There are a few books on my 'want to read list' that are not in my library but I'll give them some time. Hopefully they'll add them to the catalogue.

Next Up?
The next three in the Morganville Series
Lords of Misrule
Carpe Corpus
Fade Out
and then in March Kiss of Death which I think is the last in the series

On my Wish List:
Fire by Kristin Cashore (I loved her Graceling)
The Dark Devine (I love the cover) It's purple what can I say?
Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves
13 Reasons Why
The Lovely Bones

So I think it's safe to say that I REALLY am in a reading frenzy right now. I'm not sweating it though, just sitting back and enjoying.


Wow I love the Big Bang Theory!

... That's all I can think to say...

i was wondering about the Morganville Vampire Series, It seems like you enjoyed the book and i thought it might be something i might like to read.. what is it about?

The Morganville Vampire series is really really good. I love this series. If you like vamps, and the vamps in the series are not all peaches and cream, they bite :) you will like it. I also like that the series is mostly written already which means I could just sit down and read. My favorite character is Myrnin. Hope you will check them out.

Lily...Sheldon is a wealth of fun. He simply cracks me up. I love all his quirks--then again, quirky people amuse me. :)

I loved Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness. I also liked The Dark Divine.

I've read most of these. So good.