Oh, the rain while I know is so good for the earth is really playing havoc with my mental stability. It feels like it has either been raining or snowing for weeks. Where did Mr. Sunshine go?

I'm still here, still breathing for the moment.

My mother and aunt were here over the weekend and it is always such a joy to see them. They came for Meg's birthday and we had red velvet cake. I made Aunt Judy ice it since I never have much luck with making it look beautiful the way they do.

Mother says hello Janie.

Don't they always say that which does not kill us makes us stronger? I'm beggining to think it just makes us more crazy. Crazy as a loon. And who is "they" anyway?

My main computer crashed last week. I caught a virus of all things. It was a nasty one and wiped out my hard drive, but as fate would have it I had bought a passport several weeks ago to back up this computer. I have loaded everything back up but I was able to salvage my emails and pictures and thank the good lord all my writing.

Did I say craziness ensues?

I do believe I did. Hope that my wonderful friends are doing well and staying safe.



Hey Michelle! Glad you got your computer back up and running.
I love your daughter's jewelry!

Happy Birthday to your girl and I AM alive. I am taking care of baby and trying to write SOMETHING.