I've met my goal. I'm kinda proud of myself if not a little bit more tired. Every day that goes by it gets a little bit easier to come into my office and put my heinie in the chair. I think that is half the battle. Getting in here while there are no distractions and I can crank up my favorite Pandora radio station whichs happens to be Apocalyptica at the moment. Oh, and I found a new artist I really like a lot as well. Her name is Suzanne Ciani and the album is called The Silver Ship. Fantastic stuff.

Anyway. Now I'm tired and I did a good bit of editing today and then ended up with 1,235 words. Yeah!!!

Tonight's pic is of my favorite Gerard Butler from his younger days. Love that man's eyes.


Congratulations on doing so well. I know it's a struggle for me to write 1,000 words a day. But so worth it when it happens.

WTG, Michelle. You must be proud of yourself for your dedication, especially under difficult circumstances. Love the picture, btw.My 2 favorites are Gerry Butler and Pierce Brosnan.

BTW, I love Pandora, thanks for telling me about it. I need to go check out Ciani soon.

Thank Carla & Bonita. I tell you it has been so hard. Getting my butt in the chair anyway. But this short story is really turning out quite nice. A lot of plot for such a short piece and I know I'm going to have to go back in and layer later to make sure the romance is believable.

Oh, and Bonita I'm so glad you like Pandora. I know I love it. I wish I could stream while I'm at work. That would be nice. I'll have to see if I can find a Pierce Brosnan picture for you. *evil grin*

Everybody have a great week!