Is it so wrong to want to see some sunshine? It seems like forever since I've seen the bright cheery rays. I really think I suffer from light deprivation or something. The horses are half mad as they haven't been out to the pasture in days and I can only imagine how I would feel if I was stuck in a 10 by 10 stall for the last five days with only hay and grain to eat. Oye.

Somebody please tell me there is an end in sight? My allergies are all kattawhumpus and if I wake up tomorrow morning and my head feels like it's going to split open and Godzilla's baby pop out I may swoon. For real, folks.

Anyway, as for the writing update. I've promised myself I'm going to put the butt in the chair and be a good girl this year. No more procrastinating, and no more putting off a good story because I'm stressed out because of the economy. Not. Doing. It. Anymore. Period.

Made good progress tonight. I cut, cut, cut, and somehow my wip is still at 5,000 and some odd words. Which is good I guess. I still have to make this story work in 15,000 words or less. Big challenge. Huge. But I'm going to do it if it kills me.
Maybe tomorrow, if I see the sun, I'll add a word meter to the blog. If not, I'll def do it by Friday.

The pic is because I love that guy from Roswell. Even if he did make that weird Dragon Wars movie that was totally underneath him.

Oh. And Megs is halfway through New Moon. Will wonders never cease?


Yo! Since I figured out how to do the Blog list on Damsels, I added the icon thingy and that has been really handy! I saw your guy and I was like yum! LOL! The rain has stopped here after three miserable days. The sun is out but it is cold!!!
Keep writing. We need to push each other!

You too, Jorie! I've made a vow and by golly I'm going to stick to it. I have way too many stories to tell to keep them all in my head.

Plus, no more feeling sorry for myself. I want to write and the only thing stopping me is me. So--no more. LOL.

Come on over and joing Mary and I at Mythmaking and we'll make it a joint effort.