My darling daughter, by no fault of mine, takes after my mother. In fact, I sometimes wonder if she IS my mother, reincarnated or perhaps they just share one gene cell between them. Anyway...Megs went to spend the week with my mother and while there painting, and going to the beach, and shopping, shopping and more shopping, she learned to create jewelery. Not just any jewelery but nice stuff. So she has been beading and creating her "pieces of art" as she calls them and has decided to sell them on ebay. I told her she'd have better luck in the Hardee's parking lot, but what do I know? Oh, I know, I could take her to the flea market!!! That actually might be worth considering as I have a bunch of stuff I'd like to sell and I really don't have the patience for ebay. I'm all about that instant gratification. LOL. Anyway the next couple of pictures are Meg's creations. She uses all sterling silver findings. She has standards of course. Told you she is my mother.