I think change is good. Hence the changes to my header. Who knows? Maybe I'll change it once a week. I'm in a JRM frame of mind. Tired, have to travel tomorrow. Love my play list and I have it to where you can't hear it unless you start it up. Found a lot of my old favorites and some new ones as well. The daughter has sold some of her jewelry. So much for the Hardee's parking lot. She's also put the blue bracelet on sale at Ebay. Yawning. Tired. Must go to sleep. Will write more tomorrow.



I haven't had chance to call, but when. I bought a charger today. I was sick today. Going to doctor tomorrow.

Speaking of change -- I might be moving to NC at the end of August. However, it would be almost across the state from you, I believe, near Jacksonville/Richlands to be with Bree and her family.

Bonita!!! Email me! Please...

Did you get the email I sent?