Cut me...
I'll bleed for you
Play for me...
I'll sing to you
Comfort me...
I'll bend for you
Awaken me...
I'll live for you
Love me...
I'll die for you

Poetry inspired by Alastair and Isabella
copyright (c) 2008 by D.M. Bailey


Lovely poem, Michelle. Late nights and rain-swept days are the best times for writing poetry. I still have notebooks full from back in my college days. Wonder when my life got so busy that I don't have time for poetry? Be glad you do.


Hey Kassie,
Thanks for stopping by. How is your Hubbie? Have things slowed down a bit for you? It's been crazy for us here. My hubbie got laid off last week so now there is the mad dash of sending out resumes, and hitting the unemployment office for the first time in our lives. It was quite sudden. I keep trying to get him to change careers. Don't know if I'll be successful or not.

I don't have to tell you that you have to make time for those small moments. I can only write poetry when I'm depressed. Happiness will kill it for me. *grin*

I'd rather be happy.