They say one must suffer for ones art.

This makes me laugh because in some ways I feel like we suffer for life. For poor decisions, even though the potential for greatness is there like an illusive outstretched hand offering promises that never seem to come to fruition.

Yes, and some days that is life. And then there are other days. Days where, even though the suffering is great, a small moment, a haunted smile, a laugh, a sound of joy creeps through and puts things back into some kind of perspective.

These last few weeks, well months really, have been difficult for me personally. The economy has taken a toll, and well we cannot blame it all on the economy because some of the decisions we've made collectively were not sound ones. But in retrospect I'd rather make some kind of decision, right or wrong, than to be stuck in a void of indecisiveness.


How true. (I am so happy to see you posted. Do that market I told you about (Nocturne) and I'll edit for you.) You write it, I'll edit it and revise.

I hope you are all right. I'm struggling but making it. Aunt Belle's death shook the crap out of us, and Mother is not the same. Fred's dad cannot believe he's really sick, and one night I dreamed of Daddy and I woke up screaming and then when I opened my eyes, he was still there. Michelle, I had to wave my hand for him to go away.

Such is suffering, and yet, I know I am lucky.

I'm okay. I'm going to be okay. But it's hard right now. You know. You have family in this industry. It's not for the faint of heart these days.

I'll write more later. Maybe he's trying to tell you he's okay? I've heard tell that happens sometimes, when a loved one has a hard time with their loss.

Hang in there, sweetie. And this too shall pass.

Write me an email and give me your hours so I'll know when to call!

Very true, dearheart. Sorry to have been MIA though you know I'm only ever a phone call away. School is almost done so hopefully we'll be able to catch up. Love you bunches.