Well, I suppose that because in my rather normal hum drum life as a pricing coordinator, my work life revolves around spreadsheets. It's a natural progression to use Excel for my book template. Need another page? Voila, insert sheet. I actually have around twenty sheets now of plotting notes (I know *gasp*) I'm plotting. I find it necessary these days as my writing time is scarce these days. I can grab an hour here, an hour there and the plotting makes it easier. Extensive notes are even better. This seems to be working for me. I have divided up my story into thirds. (Beginning, middle, and end of course). All my little cheat sheets are there in one great big file. Oh happy me. I've found more music. I am addicted to Pandora. I stream it from my phone all day at work and keep an extra legal pad near by for little notes and songs that I like. Songs that spark an idea or fit well into a scene. I probably couldn't work without music or write for that matter. The important part is I'm working. Writing. Loving it.


That's awesome. What a great idea!