Okay, who is with me on this? So far here is the line up!

Thursdays are my favorite of course with...

The Vampire Diaries:
I mean really, there are so many cool little sub plots going on that it always keeps me on pins and needles. (psssst...and yeah my favorite is Damon. Sorry all but tis true)

The Secret Circle:
I LOVE that scary theme music. It's so cool and dark and well were are into our second week aren't we and yes I must admit I am already hooked. :)

Premiers this FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sam and Dean forever!

The Big Bang Theory
I DVR'D this because there are just too many good new shows to watch. Wonder if that messes up the Neilson ratings? Just a random thought there.

What are everyone elses new or old tried and true favorites?

Anyone going to watch the new Charlie's Angels?


I love Once Upon A Time and Being Human. I have TIVO now so I can record shows I would normally never see. Like Merlin on SyFy. But I always watch Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle.