Well--the book was better. Then again the book is always better. *smile* However, it was a fun night with myself and the girl (my daughter) who recently got her drivers license and who, by all the stars, is a very good driver. Must have been all those times I broke the law and let her drive back and forth from home to the barn. She is very comfortable--yet cautious--behind the wheel.

I am dithering. I do that a lot these days. Start out on one topic and then get distracted by my own thoughts only seconds later to be brought back to where I began.

Beastly. I read the book several years ago. I liked it. A modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The movie was good. I loved seeing Mary Kate Olsen as "Kendra" and there was quite a bit of humor. All in all a sweet little movie.

Didn't get much sleep last night with that nasty snicker doodle of a storm we had here that caused all kinds of chaos. Anyone else but me check out the little Eaglets today? Love it!