Tee hee. I'm kind of amazed at that. I spent today looking at some older blogs. Friends have come and gone and some are silent and some are screaming. Some doing both at the same time.

For myself, I find that I put one foot in front of the other and make it day to day, taking the challenges and obstacles as they come. I've had laughter this past year and tears. I must say the laughter was better for the tears. I've always been a firm beliver that with no rain there is no appreciation for the sun.

I actually grew tomatoes this year on my little patio in pots. A first for me as I normally never remember to water them.

I've learned this past year what true stress is and now what it is like to live without it. Oh, there's stress enough I suppose but it's of my own making these days.

I've gotten to watch my lovely daughter grow a year older and what more can you ask for than that? She's still mad about vampires and who can blame her? She's moved on from Twilight to the Vampire Diaries (which is going to be a new series on the CW here come September 10th) and now we're onto the Vampire Acadamy books. LOL. Do I care? No. She hasn't gotten to Faulkner yet but she had read Mark Twain. Not bad for a year. What a comparasion. Hmm...going from Stephanie Myer to Mark Twain. He might laugh at that.

Hope all my friends are doing well. I'm writing again but not going to talk much about it other than the fact that I love the story. It's new and wonderful and still fresh. And OMG...I actually wrote an outline. It's almost an entire spiral notebook. LOL And I still love it. Which is a miracle in and of itself.

Ta for now and hopefully I'll be blogging more often.


I am the silent and screaming one. Laughing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I will call you this week.

Love, Janie

I will look forward to it my dear. You had a birthday this summer too. How could I have missed that? Hope you are well! Miss you horribly!Lots to tell when I talk to you.

Hang in there, Michelle and get your book written.