Well, it was cold. Cold. Cold today. The water pipes burst down at the barn so we had to get all my daughter's stuff and get it dried off. Looks like it's going to be nasty this week. Or at least Monday and Tuesday. Argh. I'd really love a snow day but know that's not going to happen. Wouldn't it be great to wake up to a world covered in white? Oh, well. Miracles can happen, I guess.

Tonight, did a lot of tweaking and smoothing. Not sure about word count because that wasn't the focus of tonights assignment. I need to give this piece some continuity. So I worked on that for several hours and am very pleased with my progress. I've added in some sublties that I think will make the romance more believable and my characters a little bit more three dimensional.

Then I went and pulled out all my notes from TWAB. OMG! How many times have I changed this story line? Like a million. I've started to tweak the original synopsis I did to incorporate the changes that I've made in my TWAB notebook. I really like some of the elements of the original story and some of the new 'twists' which really make it a much more sound story, with a lot of action, and a strong romance between the two main characters. I'll be working on the synopsis in my spare time while not taking away from the progress of the short story. The short story comes first in the heiarchy. LOL. First things first. I know how I am. Easily distracted so I can't let myself get too carried away.

But I made some decisions tonight about TWAB. This story is really good. It brings in a lot of really strong emotions that I love. I've always loved this story. But it's scattered, and unorganized. Once I give it some time to stew and get my outline completed, and after I finish LK, I will begin work on it again.

Research: I also did some research on the middle grade series I want to work on. I found my house of which sometime later I'll post a picture of. It's lovely, old and needs a lot of work. I wish I had the money to buy it. But I need to do the research. And that is going to take a while.

So-bottom line. Report for tonight
Revised 15 pages
Revised and worked on synopsis (the first two pages of TWAB)
Did some initial research for PP

All in all a good day. And my Christmas tree is still up. Gosh, I hate taking the thing down. I love my Christmas tree.

I hope that all my sisters in crime had a great, wonderful, warm and productive day!


You did accomplish a lot today!!! My son had a friend over. This child never came over before. I fretted. I can't help myself. I watched my daughter like a hawk... just in case. And he stayed until the boy scouts meeting this evening. And now I'm too tired to write.

Wow! It snowed today in Jacksonville, NC -- did it snow for you also? Preschool was closed because the Public schools were. Bree just got out of the hospital, thank goodness, because I do not like to drive in difficult conditions. I hope none of Meg's things were ruined from the busted pipes.