This video is one I created for my own entertainment purposes. It is not intended for any other purpose than for enjoyment. I've always loved the series "Witchblade" and especially Ian Nottingham. I hope you enjoy this...


Oh, lord. He's wonderful. And you did such a good job. O-M-G! I really do love it. I am so glad you got the series. Maybe Santa Claus will bring it to me along with Roswell. You notice, we like the same looking guys. He looks JUST LIKE an older version of LaMotte! Laughing.

I HAD to talk to kids the other night. I'll call you later. Loved hearing from you.

Thanks. I know your life is crzy right now. No worriers. I'll email you my 800 number at work so you can give me a call. Miss you and it was good to talk to you too.

Miss ya!